Futsal is a game of technique, speed and creativity. You have to control the ball in tight spaces. You have to move quickly under constant pressure. You need fancy individual moves, touch passes and give-and-go plays exploiting every part of your foot to the finest detail. You need a cannon of a shot to bury the ball in the net. You need Quality Touch Control.

Desporte was founded in 2003 in Shizuoka, Japan, after which it quickly emerged as one of the top futsal brands in Japan. Our mission is to arm you with lightweight, low to the ground shoes that provide you with extra comfort, excellent fit, superior ball control and barefoot like touch. We want to provide you with high quality gear that helps you to reach your full potential on the court. Every detail in the shoe is to make it more functional and to serve a purpose, to boost your performance.

Control the ball in a tiny space, pass with accuracy, shoot with finesse, and dribble away when the opponents are closing in. Elevate your game with Desporte, the futsal shoes that are ideally designed for the fast-paced game of futsal.